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Danica Patrick Quotes 1-10

1. “I just didn't want to get left out. I still don't. I'm not a gear head at all.”

2. “It's disappointing. We were running good fuel strategy. It didn't happen for us today. I've had kind of a bad stretch of DNFs here in midseason, some my fault and some not. It's a whole learning process. I think I'm going to work this winter on doing whatever I need to do. It's frustrating to come to these weekends, and feel I'm behind the 8-ball because I don't have the experience with these big cars. Maybe I'll pass up a couple of media days to do it and then the 'media' (stories to tell) will be better.”

3. “Say, you're not so bad. For a girl.”

4. “From a driver's perspective, technology is critical to what we do on and off the track. Technology provides our pit crews and race strategists with the data they need to make split second decisions that can make the difference between winning and losing a race.”

5. “I don't know. I never heard of her.”

6. “We made a lot of progress from practice this morning. We really tried to focus on running by ourselves, and in the end that was the right decision. It feels great to win to win the pole in Chicago in front of all my friends and family. Three poles in a season is a great accomplishment for any driver. I'm proud that I was able to do it in my rookie year. Since this ties the rookie pole record, you can bet I'll be shooting for my fourth pole.”

7. “That was a horrible accident, an engine there, a wheel there, a cockpit there.”

8. “This is not a good sign.”

9. “Yeah, I did what I hoped, what I potentially expected from the year.”

10. “I just want to see everybody before I left for the year, say bye.”
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