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Danica Patrick Quotes 10-20

10. “Hey, I'd take second a few times. That's good, still. I would imagine he shows frustration, too. He would love to win a race, just like all the rest of us.”

11. “It's something different that people haven't seen. It's a story that people are interested in, and the league will do what they think is best for the series.”

12. “We weren't perfect on the gears, but we just used the information that we had and the car was strong. We never know with the wind conditions and the cooler track if you make the right changes. But it was good and we'll get ready for the race.”

13. “There are people all over the place. Kids and adults. Men and women. It's been really cool. Having this whole role model thing happen is definitely something that happened a lot quicker than what I thought. It's really easy because it's not trying. I'm not, like, trying to be a role model. I haven't tried to go out of my way to inspire people. When you're real and you're authentic and you try to give honest answers all the time, then it's easy.”

14. “I didn't really have any. I think that's why I feel so weird or feel so surprised at this inspirational role model. I never had anybody that I was in awe of. I don't know why. My dad had a friend, Stan Fox, who used to race Indy cars. I remember having his picture on the (bedroom) wall because I knew him, not because I felt like he was my role model.”

15. “The Indy 500 was on (TV) every year and my dad used to watch it. I used to watch the start, maybe, then fall asleep. It was too long.”

16. “I have a lot of respect for Sarah and Lyn (St. James). I think we all look at each other as competitors, if we were driving against each other.”

17. “I put more pressure on myself than anyone else ever could, but I probably want this one a little bit more just because it is closer to home. But, because it's getting towards the end of the season and I'm hoping to have a few good races to close out the season, I really want to do well this weekend. I feel like I'm learning more, that I am better prepared for the events as we go along. I really am looking at these next few events as laying the ground work for next season.”

18. “I don't get too caught up in setting records. My entire approach this season has been about learning, gaining experience and getting better. If I tie or set rookie records great, but I am much more concerned about ending this season on a high note. The best note I can think of would be to win one of these final three races.”

19. “Three poles in a season is a great accomplishment for any driver. Since this ties the rookie pole record, you can bet I'll be shooting for my fourth pole.”

20. “But I was glad I heard it from him.”
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